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616 Split front Cape


616 Split front Cape
616 Split front Cape
616 Split front Cape
616 Split front Cape
616 Split front Cape
616 Split front Cape

The Split front Cape is so versatile! Can be worn so many ways that it is like having 5 capes in 1.

Naturally New Zealand

Possum - Nature's own insulator
The Australian Brushtail Possum - or Trichosurus vulpecula - is a small nocturnal marsupial with a coat of luxuriously soft, warm and lightweight fur.
The secret of this luxury is the hollow structure of the fur - an attribute found in only one other species in the world - the Polar Bear. Air is trapped inside the fiber, making it a sumptuously warm natural insulator while keeping it surprisingly lightweight.

Our possum fur comes from an introduced nocturnal animal living in our forests. Possums are destroying our native flora. By being an environmentally responsible we are saving our trees and native bird life to be kept as they are meant to be.
Feel proud wearing the world's only environmentally friendly fur.
To find out more information about NZ Forest Fur, click here or visit our Forest Fur Information link on the left side of your screen under Customer Service.

The perfect way to express your stylish and elegant streak. Wrap yourself in this McDonald Split Front Cape made from Possum Merino and blended with Mulberry Silk. Style that speaks quality and stands the test of time. A super soft cape with split front.
55% Merino Wool, 35% Brushtail Possum Fur, 10% Pure Mulberry Silk

55% Merino Wool, 35% Brushtail Possum Fur, 10% Pure Mulberry Silk

100% Made in New Zealand

Colors: Black, Lime, Charcoal, Mocha, Red, Berry
One size fits all
Measures approximately 80 cm length x 102 cm width

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