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I wanted to send a quick note in order to express my gratitude to your company for providing 100% wool socks! I have been slowly going mad for the last 5 years, searching in vain for 100% wool socks, which seem to have disappeared from the United Sta ... More

Janina, San Francisco CA

633 Wave Trim Socks


633 Wave Trim Socks
633 Wave Trim Socks
633 Wave Trim Socks
633 Wave Trim Socks
633 Wave Trim Socks

These Possum Merino and Mulberry Silk socks provide you with gentle comfort. These socks have a wave trim on the top. Durable warm and very soft, these socks are an absolute essential. Keep warm with McDonald Rib Socks - you'll be amazed at the difference.

Naturally New Zealand
Our garments have a strong focus on quality, construction and style. You can be absolutely assured that whenever you purchase a McDonald garment you have made a natural choice that is Entirely New Zealand made.

At McDonald we carefully select only the finest quality Merino wool for our yarn. Merino fleece is gentle, strong and resilient, born and bred in the high country regions of New Zealand.

Pure Mulberry Silk is the highest quality available.
The natural strength of Mulberry Silk, combined with its hypoallergenic and breathable characteristics, make it the perfect fiber to enhance wearability while giving the garments a luxuriously smooth feel.

Feel proud wearing the world's only environmentally friendly fur.
To find out more information about NZ Forest Fur, click here or visit our Forest Fur Information link on the left side of your screen under Customer Service.

55% Merino Wool, 35% Brushtail Possum Fur, 10% Pure Mulberry Silk
100% Made in New Zealand

Colors: Black, Mint, Red, Heather, Teal
Sizes: S, M, L

Size Chart - Sock Size Mens NZ, AUS, USA UK Europe
Small 4-6 3-4 37-38.5
Medium 7-9 4-7.5 39-41
Large 10-12 8-11.5 41.5-46

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