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Manuka Honey


Manuka Honey Active UMF 15 250ml

Manuka trees used in the Manawa products is produced at Te Araroa on the East Cape - a clean, unpolluted natural environment. The special Manuka trees grow naturally on the hilly farm and bush lands around Te Araroa. These naturally occurring forests of Manuka have not been genetically modified, or sprayed with pesticides, herbicides or any other chemicals.

Manawa UMF 15+ active manuka honey is specially selected for its high levels of non-peroxide activity (>15). Activity of this level is only found in a small proportion of Manuka Honey. Manawa Manuka Honey also retains the distinctive East Cape Manuka Honey flavor. It is presented as a smooth finely crystaline honey and for desired consistency warm to soften and referigerate to firm. It can be taken to help soothe sore throats and indigestion and or take a teaspoon two or three times daily before meals to help promote general good health. It can also be used externally on the skin.

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