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6109 Wide Offset Stripe Scarf


6109 Wide Offset Stripe Scarf
6109 Wide Offset Stripe Scarf
6109 Wide Offset Stripe Scarf

6109 Wide Offset Stripe Scarf

Created with a passion for style, New Zealand Wool Sweaters has brought to you the finest blend of Australian Brushtail Possum, Merino Wool and Pure Mulberry Silk. Steal the show with this contemporary wide offset stripe scarf.

Possum fur comes from an introduced nocturnal animal living in our forests. Possums are destroying our native flora. By being an environmentally responsible we are saving our trees and native bird life to be kept as they are meant to be.
Matches #6103 Stripe hat

Approximate size 160 cm x 22 cm

Feel proud wearing the world's only environmentally friendly fur.
To find out more information about NZ Forest Fur, click here or visit our Forest Fur Information link on the left side of your screen under Customer Service.

55% Merino Wool, 35% Brushtail Possum Fur, 10% Pure Mulberry Silk
100% Made in New Zealand

Mint Stripe
Heather Stripe
Lime Stripe
Mocha Stripe
Red Stripe

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